The Treasure in Heaven Game

engages families in conversations that matter while requiring players to help each other in order to win the game! 

The Family Bible Board Game

Memories are...

made from meaning, and the truly meaningful experiences are those that leave us transformed. An all-ages game experience that provides space for real, substantial discussion and growth – in a fun, relaxed atmosphere – has a definite place in Christian family entertainment… 

Time Together...

is more and more precious as many families feel the squeeze of rough financial times and the pull of electronic media — and nothing quite beats an old-school board game for a fun, cheap activity that allows all ages to gather around for some actual face time. Players share gifts of grace, hope, faith and love in a cooperative battle against sin and deception on a journey to New Jerusalem. The Treasure in Heaven Game is about families sitting around the table, reading Bible scriptures aloud, in a fun, playful atmosphere that rewards sharing, giving and loving your neighbor. Whosoever collects the most Treasure in Heaven wins! 

Engage your children in their faith now...

Roof Dancers, Inc.'s Treasure in Heaven Family Bible Board Game is the first game designed to reward helping other players as a means to win the game without losing the competitive edge. It appeals not only to younger children, but to Bible scholars and competitive game players as well. 

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Treasure in Heaven Family Bible Board Game

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